Customer Elevations, LLC (video)

New offices opening in the Atlanta, GA Metro area 2015! More details will follow. 

Customer Elevations, LLC provides nationwide answering services and online chat support and administrative solutions to small-mid size businesses. We provide critical answering and message services 24/7 365 while allowing you to focus on your customers needs and your companies growth and profit.

At Customer Elevations, LLC we have a, “Better than 100% satisfaction customer service guarantee!” This means that all calls, messages, and client projects are completed to the highest level of satisfaction each and every time for each and every client whom we serve.

We answer a variety of call types including message answering, after hours,  lunch breaks, peak times, holidays and weekends. We’re also available to answer your office overflow calls.

Customer Elevations, LLC uses the the world’s leading VoIP communications technology. This answering service technology offers a variety of call routing choices. Each is designed to help our Customer Service Professionals handle calls effectively.

Our communication technology helps improve your company productivity. Each call is personalized to meet the needs of your patients, clients or customers. Allowing a professional presentation to your customers.  And you never miss a call.

Your patients, clients or customers will always be greeted by a friendly, trained Customer Service Professional.

Why Customer Elevations, LLC for your virtual answering, chat and administrative needs?

Lower your administrative costs, streamline your time management. Do it cheaper than with an on-site employee.

Callers hang up on voice mail, not on people. We’ll capture after-hours calls you’d otherwise miss.

Excellent client service is impossible without capable employees. We’ve built our team with experts who are the heartbeat of great customer service, and we work hard for you.

Customer Elevations, LLC is proud to take part in being a “Green” company. We are using a 95% paperless system. And a 2 day or less commute for any client that requires an onsite staff member for their business needs.

Along with the superior service that we offer all of our clients we also offer some additional benefits to create a more powerful work flow for you. We have listed just a few of them:

Are you receiving Value, Excellence, and Customer Service Satisfaction from your current answering, chat and administrative service provider?

Customer Elevations LLC is not your typical answering service, and we enjoy proving why we’re the best!

We offer flat rate answering service packages no minimum ,cap or overage minute/usage requirements.

1. No more employee payroll taxes, vacation or healthcare benefits to worry about. We provide you with a service.

2. More cost effective than having an onsite employee. 

3. We save you money and time, decreased work flow stress.

4. Cloud and email based communications (Your account briefings available in person by phone or Skype services as requested by you).

5. More cost effective than having traditional employees.

6. All of our services are available to customize as you need them. Including our web based online chat which captures your web site leads and inquiries live. Never miss the opportunity to connect with potential clients...even at 2 am. We are available.

7. Exclusivity with our Pod Premier and Personal Assistant administrative services available.

8. Comfort in knowing that your customers are being taken care of even when you are away.

9. 24/7/365 available service options.

10. All of our staff engage in mandatory background checks at no additional cost to you.

11. We are also available to step in and answer your phones while you have office parties, out of the office lunch and meetings. Also in the unfortunate case of bad weather power outages we are always available to serve your company’s needs.

12. We always have a virtual team member available. No need to worry about missed  sick days or vacation etc.

13. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to our clients. This means that our services will be delivered as we stated or your money back.

14. Easy to understand invoices with the option for automatic debit for services rendered.

15. Our current specials on services offering no long term Contracts.